I’ve been able to move on from difficult events and patterns

While I’ve seen many wonderful counselors, I can honestly say that none of them made as much of an impact on my life as Tessa. I saw Tessa weekly for several years before moving to Boston, through significant life events like job changes and getting married, as well as bouts of severe depression and anxiety (both of which had plagued me for nearly my entire life).

It’s tough to summarize what my work with Tessa has meant for me. I’ve been able to move on from difficult events and patterns I thought I’d never be able to heal from. She was always warm, patient, kind, and so easy to talk to. I never once felt judged, or rushed, or like I needed to be someone I wasn’t to earn her warmth-at my absolute worst, Tessa always made me feel liked and understood. Her extensive education and training was really apparent – I’m still amazed how she always knew exactly what would help me the most, and had amazing strategies and ideas that no one had ever suggested to me before. Now, I’m an active participant in my life; my depression and anxiety are in full remission, and I feel fully myself in a way I never have before. I truly credit these changes to the work I did with Tessa, and I will be grateful for that for the rest of my life.

I cannot say enough positive things about Tessa, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking a new counselor without hesitation. As my husband says now: ‘everyone should have a Tessa.’