My Approach

At times, navigating life can be difficult…

and we all have parts of ourselves that we don’t quite understand — whether it is reacting in a way that afterwards feels regretful, indulging in behaviors that don’t really serve us, experiencing stress that feels uncomfortable or overwhelming without seeing a way forward, or replaying unwanted memories.

  • What if you could experience life differently?
  • What if you could regulate your emotions instead of just reacting?
  • What if you could transform your anxiety so that it shifted into giving you needed information while not over-taking your body and nervous system?
  • What if you could resolve and transform the painful places—so that remembering a difficult event came without the emotional charge?

A Safe Haven

It can feel scary to share one’s experience—afraid of feeling judged or deficient in some way. That is why creating a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate, and collaborative environment is key to successful therapy. Being able to thrive in our life and in our relationships is what we all want. My goal is to provide a safe haven so that you can speak from the heart and move towards healing.

Who I Work With

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